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03 March 2008 @ 05:58 pm
A light piece of fluff….which of course, we all need once in a while.

“So, does this count as a date?”

“Why wouldn’t it?”

“Well, I haven’t done this for a while. Usually the man picks up the women and takes her out.”

She laughed. “Well, then, you owe me.”


It was a gorgeous warm Thursday LA evening. A slight breeze. 80 degrees on the thermometer. No smog.
You know sometimes when you look in the mirror and you think to yourself, “Damn I look pretty good tonight,” then you toss your hair and look again to see if it looks even sexier. She felt alive and sexy and wanted to get out. Bill Buchanan came to mind. They seemed to be hitting it off after only a few dinner dates, the last one resulting in an oh so sweet good night kiss which left her sleepless and wanting more.

“So I hope you like Thai?’

“Actually, one of my favorites.”

He was pleasantly surprised when he opened his front door and she stood there, take-out food and a bottle of wine in hand. He loved how she looked - relaxed, informal, sexy with her hair down, bare toes. And she couldn’t help but admire his faded jeans, wrinkled grey t-shirt and bare feet - sure he looked good in a suit, but there was something about seeing Bill Buchanan a little disheveled.

“So, to what do I owe the pleasure of your company?”

She smiled again, which he loved. “Oh, I don’t know. I didn’t want to sit at home. It’s so nice out, so I thought, hmmm, who would I like to have dinner with, and well, you came to mind. I owed you.”

“So you feel indebted to me?” He moved toward her, taking the bags from her and ushering her into the kitchen.

She leaned over the counter, elbows planted on the cool marble top. “My mother taught me to never feel indebted to a man.”

“So then, you actually do enjoy my company?”

“Perhaps!” She smirked and he noticed the hint of sarcasm in her voice. Perhaps an indication that she really did enjoy his company.

Bill began unpacking the various containers from the bags, while Karen searched through the cupboards for plates and utensils.

“My God, you’re neat for a man.”

“My mother taught me things as well. We were never allowed back outside until the dishes were done and put away. My brother and I used to try and rush it and she’d always check and make us tidy things up. So eventually, we figured do it right the first time and then we got out quicker. As they say, old habits die hard.”

She found two plates and some knives and forks, and two wine glasses. Then suddenly stopped realizing the forwardness of her just walking into his home and taking over. “Bill, I hope you don’t mind me showing up uninvited. I didn’t even think…you might have other plans.”

“Well, Ms. Hayes, you’re lucky. My other dates couldn‘t make it, so I’m free tonight.” His boyish grin told her he was making it up, but she decided this could be fun and she played along.

“So, in other words, you were stood up.”

“No, no, you misunderstood. We had scheduling conflicts.”

She laughed at him. “Scheduling conflicts, my foot!” With that, he reached over the counter, taking her arm. “Enough of this. Come on, shall we eat outside on the deck.”

It was one of those evenings. The soft warm breeze made everything just seem more beautiful, and he couldn’t help but stare at her, perhaps a little too much. But damn, she looked gorgeous. He realized on their first date that she was very different outside of the office. Funny, full of life - he loved it.

At Karen’s request, Bill had turned the radio on and the music hummed in the background. After eating, a glass of wine and sharing some conversation about their childhood, both leaned back enjoying the casualness of the evening.

“God, I love this song”, she suddenly blurted out, then jumping out of her seat.

“Abba?” Bill laughed at her.

“You’re not a fan? Come on, how can you not love Abba?”

Before he knew what hit him, she was parading around the deck dancing to ‘Dancing Queen.’

He didn’t like Abba, never had. It just wasn’t his type of music. But he couldn’t help loving it as she danced and sang her way across his back deck. Her voice, loud and clear, yet soft and full of life. The smile on her face, the laughter. Twisting and turning, her arms and hands wrapping around him as he sat and watched. He knew he was falling in love and ‘Dancing Queen’ had never sounded better.

She reached for his hand. “Come on, don’t be such a bump on the log.”

“What .. You’re calling me what?”

“You heard me.”

He stood slowly, walking toward her, his blue eyes glued to hers. She was suddenly mesmerized by his movement, by the stare, by the gentle sway of his hips.

He reached forward placing his hands softly on her hips. The simple touch sent jolts through her body. He slowly began to sway his hips and she instinctively moved her arms to place them around his neck. Their hips swayed in sync. There were no words, just the hushed tones of the music. He kept his eyes on hers, almost uncomfortably at first, but the intensity quickly burned through her in a sultry heat. She swallowed hard as she felt him pull her closer, never actually touching. His arms kept her just inches away. Her mind swirled. She couldn’t remember feeling like this, the sensations in her body flooding her senses. God, even the best sex she had ever had didn’t come close to this, and they hadn’t even come close to doing that.

“Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Buchanan. Are you there?” A little voice squealed from the other side of Bill’s fence.

It took a moment for either of them to realize someone was calling. “Bill, sounds like someone desperately needs to see you.”

Bill exhaled loudly. “Robbie, what’s wrong?” Bill left Karen on the deck and made his way to the backyard gate. Opening it, a young boy of about 9 came screaming in. “Mr. Buchanan, remember you were going to show me how to throw a curve ball tonight.”

“Uh, yeah, Robbie, tell you what, can we do that another night?” Karen could see the look of disappointment on Robbie’s face and decided to intervene, despite not wanting to.

Moving towards the two, she reached out touching Bill’s shoulder. “Bill, it’s okay. You two go ahead and work on your curve ball.” She stretched out her hand towards Robbie who took it and shook with all his might.

“Hi Robbie, I’m Karen Hayes.”

“Oh sorry, I should have introduced you two”, Bill said, patting Robbie’s mop of reddish brown hair.


“So, you and Mr. Buchanan play baseball together.”

“Uh huh. Mr. Buchanan’s going to teach me to be a big league pitcher. You can watch.”

“Oh, maybe for a bit, but I should really run. I have to get up early tomorrow for work.”

“I don’t have school tomorrow so I get to stay up ‘til 9:30 tonight. So me and Mr. Buchanan planned it ‘cause sometimes he doesn’t get home early enough and then my mom tells me not to bother him.”

“Well then, you better get working on that curve ball. You only have about 45 minutes left.”

Robbie looked at Karen and nodded, obviously appreciating the fact that she wasn’t going to interfere.

Bill sighed realizing his evening with Karen was quickly coming to an end. “Okay, Robbie, let me walk Karen to her car and I’ll be right back.”

“I can help.”

And so along the three of them walked, Bill wondering how awkward this was going to be. And of course, knowing Robbie fairly well, he knew he didn’t lack conversation skills and certainly wasn’t shy. Bill placed his hand in the small of Karen’s back as they made there way through the sliding doors into the kitchen, Robbie in tow.

“So are you Mr. Buchanan’s girlfriend?” Bill cringed. Karen laughed nervously.

“Ms. Hayes is a friend of mine Robbie. We sometimes work together.”

“Well, my mom says you’re handsome and should have a girlfriend.”

“Oh, she does, does she?”

“Yep, and my dad tells her to mind her own business. Mom wanted you to meet my Aunt Sonia when she was over one day, but you weren’t home. She made me come and check.”

Bill looked at Karen who had bitten her top lip in an effort not to burst out laughing. Seeing this, Bill asked, “So you find this funny?”

“A little.” She couldn’t hold it in any longer, and started laughing out loud.

“Hey Robbie,” Bill said to his little buddy who was now eagerly waiting for Karen to leave. “Why don’t you run into the house and get my baseball glove. I think it’s on the kitchen counter by the back door.”

“OK, I’ll be right back.” Robbie started to run, then stopping dead in his tracks turning to look at both Bill and Karen.

“I think he wants to get rid of me so he can give you a kiss.” And with those words, he turned and ran in the front door.

Bill turned toward Karen. “That boy is very perceptive for a 9 year old.” His arms reached around her waist and pulled her in close. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t expecting company.”

“Bill, it’s fine. I do have to get up early.”

“How about dinner tomorrow night here. I’ll cook for you.”

“Mmm, a man cooking for me. That sounds nice, but there’s one condition.”

“And, that might be.” he said looking at her inquisitively.

Karen reached her arms around Bill’s neck and in a sultry voice said, “You have to finish teaching me that dance.”

With that, he kissed her sweetly on the lips. “Deal.”

“Mr. Buchanan, I have your glove. You ready.”

Robbie and Bill stood watching as Karen pulled her car out of the driveway, waving to them both as she drove away.
You know who I am sillies....: Bill and Karen Weddinglnl002 on March 4th, 2008 03:19 am (UTC)
I Love Fluff!
Mak: Jayne_smilesmak_24 on March 4th, 2008 03:39 am (UTC)
Such a cute story!! ;) It made me laugh!!! Ah, the fluff, beautiful!! ;)

take005take005 on March 4th, 2008 03:41 am (UTC)
This was so cute! It was so great to see Bill falling in love with Karen while she was dancing-awesome job!
(Anonymous) on March 4th, 2008 07:01 am (UTC)
Ain't nothing like a good piece of fluff :)
Cara: mary: adorablecaramelapples11 on March 4th, 2008 09:04 am (UTC)
Aww, so sweet! :D
destinylake on March 4th, 2008 12:24 pm (UTC)
Thanks for all of your comments. Allof your great stories lately inspired me.
24fanatic8: Bill/Karen moving avatar24fanatic8 on March 5th, 2008 03:24 am (UTC)
Awww, fluff is great! I loved this. Very cute and you wrote it very well and realistically. :D