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27 February 2008 @ 12:22 am
Jayne in the day 6 24 companion...  

Hello everyone! Since I do not have a flat scanner and wasn't able to scan the relevant pages from my day six 24 Companion that arrived today, I decided to type it up for everyone to read. They do a great profile of both Bill Buchanan and Karen Hayes with extensive dialogue from both Jayne and James.

So far I have typed up Karen's profile and will start on Bill's after this post so you can expect to see that later tonight or sometime tomorrow. The article is behind a cut due to it's length. There were some pictures accompanying the article but they aren't pictures that we haven't seen before.

So without further adieu, I give you a
CTU Profile:
Karen Hayes

Let’s face it, the ultimate goal for any character on 24 is to really just survive the day. To have a character survive and get the opportunity to grow and change for the better over the course of those hours; well, that’s even more rate. Yet it happens and a prime example is the character of Karen Hayes. Introduced in season five as the initially overly dogged Divisional Director of Homeland Security, she returned in season six as President Wayne Palmer’s trusted National Security Advisor at the White House. With strength and determination, Hayes battled the chaos and political machinations in those two days, and while she walked away certainly more battle-scarred from her many, heated confrontations, she managed to retain her spirit without compromising her humanity and convictions. Not an easy feat. And one that speaks volumes not only about the kind of woman that Karen is, but also about the talents of the actress that crafted her on screen, Jayne Atkinson.
Through Atkinson’s nuanced and honest performance, Karen Hayes comes across as a very real woman. Dealing with her fair share of flaws, Hayes manages to learn from them, maturing with grace and compassion, while retaining her fiery convictions. “I think that amongst the women on the show, they really hit the ball out of the park with Karen,” Atkinson says proudly of her character. “She is a very good counterpoint to the strength of the men that they bring on the show. And it made an impact to have the face of power on a woman. She was woman enough to change and she’s strong enough to fight. She’s soft enough to say she’s sorry and to know when she doesn’t know. I think she is a fantastic role model for both women and men, to see a woman in a leadership position. It’s how we learn as a culture, and television and film have a tremendous ability to help us visualize those possibilities and make them real.”
A two-time Tony nominee with a long resume of television and film work, 24 is actually Atkinson’s first regular role on a television series. “They gave me the part without an audition, so that was a lot of trust and there were nerves around that,” the actress admits. “My goal was to present a strong woman—a no nonsense ambitious woman. I like playing a woman who is negotiating power.” In season five, Hayes takes over CTU and wars with Bill Buchanan and Jack Bauer until she too realizes the duplicity of President Charles Logan. By days end, she is world-weary for the experience, but has earned the respect of those two men by helping to bring down Logan, providing her unequivocal commitment to the country and its well-being above her own.
In true 24 fashion, the writers used that ending as a beginning for season six by introducing Hayes and Buchanan as a married couple, working in positions of power on opposite coasts. “I was sad that all the history of what happened to Bill and I never got to be shown at all, but that is 24,” Atkinson admits without rancor. “They relied on James Morrison and I to communicate it on the phone but that is also 24. And I was up for it! I wanted more, but a nuclear bomb went off, so I had to give it up,” she laughs.
Yet Atkinson says that unseen courtship played very heavily into her decisions about how to play Hayes in season six. “At the end of season five, she was woman enough to say to Bill, ‘I was wrong and I came in her a bit like a hammer hitting too hard on a nail.’ That was the beginning of their relationship because he could see she was a woman and a good human being. When they get together in the off period and they get married…that relationship and that love and respect softened her, so they hair comes down. She is in an advisory role to the President and I think that also reflects that maturation of her as a woman, that balancing. I used the marriage to Bill, and that time that you don’t see, for her personal growth because she learned a lot in that day. I felt it was going to be an even better Karen Hayes because of it and it was. As an example, when I had to say to the President [after I resign] that ‘I am going and I can’t discuss it. You know what to do. I have done this a long time and I have seen such strength from you. You are your own best counsel.’ That was such a wonderful, wonderful contrast to e woman I had to be in season five. I was still her but it was a reflection of falling in love and learning from the work place. She learned ad is always learning.”
Another defining aspect of Karen’s character this season is her strong advocacy of civil liberties and constitutional right when advising Palmer. It puts her in a position of constant verbal engagement with her policy opposites, Chief of Staff Tom Lennox and Vice President Noah Daniels. “What’s wonderful about Karen is you see a person who is going to fall on the correct side of an issue,’ Atkinson explains. “It’s not political or along party lines, it’s what the right thing to do is, and I think that’s a great character to play, [In batting with Tom], you have two very intelligent people who have very good points to make and they are at different sides of the issue. There are gray zones; it’s not black and white. It’s intelligent.
”With Daniels, it was different because I didn’t like him and I didn’t trust him,” Atkinson says of her character. “Working with that President was really hard for Karen. You were watching someone who has to serve the country and swallow it and just deal. That was very hard for Karen because she had fought for peaceful measures. [The show] is so brilliant in really reflecting what goes on moment-to-moment everyday in the papers. It is one step forward and then ten steps back because you are dealing with personalities and ideas that are conflicting with each other. How do you create peace?”
Referencing Karen’s renegade decision to come to the aid of Bauer in the finale, Atkinson explains, “When [Daniels and I] had our final confrontation, there is Karen once again, making the call to risk everything because it is the right to go against the presidency. In real life, it’s happening with people stepping forward, saying, ‘I love this country and I am a Republican but I don’t like what I see.’ You see Democrats saying it. There are five-star Generals saying, ‘I can’t stand by these policies.’ [Those realities] gave me the strength to turn to this President and say, ‘This is what has to happen.’ He has the right to say, and was right saying, ‘If you are wrong, thousands of people will die.’ It was a beautiful, complex moment between the two of us.”
Her resolute convictions to protect Palmer’s policies even lead Hayes to do the unthinkable and fire her own husband. Atkinson groans in recognition saying, “She knows as soon as she hangs up the phone that she has made a mistake. I am all about how listening or not listening to the heart f**** up the world,” the actress explains. “I have personally been in that place where I was ambitious, thinking I was doing the right thing and then having to discover it wasn’t the right thing. Karen knows it and that was tremendously fun to play. Before 24, I was playing a lot of Florence Nightingale stuff and being very positive, so it’s good to see someone make a mistake and say they are sorry and really know they have screwed up. When I read it, the only thing I was concerned about was, ‘How do I play this so that you see all of that?’ So you see somebody that completely doesn’t get that this is ambitious. She even talks to Lennox about it—she never should have talking about it with Lennox!” Atkinson laughs incredulously. “But when you are there, spending the whole day with somebody, he’s ambitious and he’s saying the right things, She has to be convinced that it is the right thing to do and this is where you find out who you are. It was brilliant. I loved it!”
Despite Karen and Bill both being pardoned by day’s end, Atkinson says it was still difficult to have her character walk away from the White House. “It was very hard but at least I got to leave with dignity. At one point, I was trying to get Karen to be the one to actually say to the President, ‘You have to pardon me. After everything that has happened today, you have to pardon me. I’m not going to accept a firing.’ I wanted to be a hot dog,” she chuckles, “but it came from Lennox and that made our relationship end on a lovely, funny, quirky moment. I was sad to go but I also realize I was going to have to mend my marriage. And I think there should be a question if they would be able to over come everything? Bill says to me, ‘I understand why you did it, but you gave up too.’ What toll does that take on a relationship?” In her own mind, Atkinson says, “I can’t imagine we are both milking cows and gardening in Vermont. They have to lay fallow for a little while and figure out what they want to do. But these two are the right match.”
Whether or not audiences ever get to see Karen Hayes on 24, Atkinson says she is so proud of all the things she was able to portray and bring forward through her character. Speaking frankly, Atkinson poses, “If you initially look at a character like Karen and say, just to be vulgar, that she needs to get laid—she’s too hard. If you move out of the vulgarity of that and take it at face value and go deeper, when a woman is making love and feels loved, there is something that shines from her and is soft and beautiful about her. The age on her isn’t crackly and crisp. There is an association with women in power that they are bitchy and not sexy. I had fifteen-year old guys loving me and sixty-year old guys loving me! There were other people who weren’t interested in me at all, but that was the spectrum for men and the same thing for the women. That’s exciting to me because that means they were writing, and I was portraying, a real woman. I think that is a phenomenal legacy to leave with. And I think it’s very interesting, because they are going to have another woman doing a similar thing with Cherry Jones [as President in season seven]. Cherry is strong.” With a smile, she adds, “And like a real woman, I pass the baton onto my friend with a little sadness but I also trust that I will be placed where it is right for me to continue that work.”
take005take005 on February 27th, 2008 06:11 am (UTC)
Omg, so many things I want to comment on! First-thanks for posting! This was great, and for me it gives me so much closure on their entire relationship. It really helps that JA thinks that BK are the right match and that they would survive it. And I love how she cringed at the recalling of the firing. And I *loved* that she swore and said 'get laid'. That also made my night for some reason, LOL
Liz: Buchanan Weddinggracekellymovie on February 28th, 2008 02:24 am (UTC)
We loved the same parts! I love that she swore and I can just imagine her saying that too! It helps to know how see feels about her and Bill's relationship and that she feels the same way as we do with the back story. She wishes they had shown it on screen just as much as we do! And it's not just the guys that love her. Just look at this community! We love her as much if not more than all those guys! Haha.
You know who I am sillies....: Jayne BW smilelnl002 on February 27th, 2008 06:47 am (UTC)
the woman just fuckin rocks my face off!
Cara: stock: mousecaramelapples11 on February 27th, 2008 06:52 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for posting this! :D:D:D *hugs*

I love how every single thing she says is so intelligent and well-thought out. ^^
Liz: Jayne in the field.gracekellymovie on February 28th, 2008 02:20 am (UTC)
You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This just made me love Jayne so much more. I would love to just sit down and have a conversation with her. I'm sure I'd just be speechless the whole time which is fine. She can do all the talking for the both of us. Hehe.
24fanatic8: Jayne Atkinson [LMAO]24fanatic8 on February 28th, 2008 01:46 am (UTC)
Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Thanks so much for posting this. I just love Jayne. She speaks so beautifully and intelligently and I really hope we get to see her again in season 7.

Btw: Did you get a bonus DVD with your copy? If so, what was on it?
Liz: Jayne smilinggracekellymovie on February 28th, 2008 02:17 am (UTC)
Oh you're welcome! I read the article and it was just too good not to share!

I did get the DVD but I haven't watched it all the way through yet. But I can tell you that they have three new behind the scenes type segments. The first one is titled Changing the Rules which goes into detail about Jack's character over the course of all the seasons. The second is called Keepin' it Real: The Stunts and Special Effects on 24 which is self explanatory and then the third and most exciting segment for me is called 24 and the war on Terror: Can truth learn from fiction and the reason why this is so exciting is because it's a panel discussion with writers, directors, producers and then Kiefer, Jean Smart and Greg Itizin. I've yet to watch that all the way through but I'm excited about it. (:
24fanatic8: Jayne [FBI]24fanatic8 on February 28th, 2008 02:52 am (UTC)
Thanks for the details about the DVD! :)
You know who I am sillies....: BW Jayne from L&Olnl002 on February 28th, 2008 03:47 am (UTC)
hey girl,
how do you get these companions? where do you order them from and can you get back issues?
any help would be appreciated!
Liz: More Bill and Karen.gracekellymovie on February 28th, 2008 04:02 am (UTC)
They have companions from just about every season. It's actually a book which goes into detail about every episode in the season and has a lot of behind the scenes stuff. Just search on Amazon.com. I have the season 5 companion too and I'm pretty sure there's some Karen and definietly some Bill info in that one too that I'll write up. They're certainly worth the investment. (:
mariapurtmariapurt on January 10th, 2010 08:30 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for posting this - helps a lot to understand Karen hehe ;D And Jayne's awesome.